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We offer flexible and affordable loan options to all our members. Choose the option that applies to you below to begin your application.

Loan Applications

Loan applications can be made via our website at Online loan applications is the fastest and most convenient way to apply for your loan. Once your online application has been received you will receive a text from us requiring additional paperwork. You may be asked for one or more of the following:-

  1. Last 3 payslips
  2. 3 month (up to date) bank statements

Members can upload these documents via our document upload facility on our mobile device app. Once received, your application can be full assessed. The main criteria for all loan applications is your ability to repay the loan. This is established by using Insolvency Ireland's "reasonable living expenses" database. The more information you provide us with regarding your household income, the easier it is for us to prove your ability to repay the loan and speed up the assessment process. Should we require additional information we will send you a text requesting it. Once we have received all the required paperwork we guarantee a decision within 24 hours. Approved loans will be notified via text informing members to log into your account to digitally sign the loan documents, once signed, funds will be lodged to your designated bank account.

Members who do not wish to apply for a loan online can download the loan application form below and return it to the credit union: Prison Service Credit Union Ltd, PO Box 11666, FREEPOST F5145, Dublin 7.

(Please note that only copies of payslips and bank statements are required as originals CANNOT be returned. This method of application is much slower than the online method and funds cannot be transferred to the designated bank account until the signed loan application and credit agreement has been received in the office.

If the loan application has not been FULLY completed it may result in your loan application being refused or deferred resulting in your application being held up.

Secured Loans i.e. a loan within shares does not require any additional paperwork. Just complete the online application form and submit.

If your loan application has been refused, you can appeal this decision to the Board of Directors. All appeal applications should be e-mailed to The Board meet on a monthly basis and the decision of your appeal will be sent to you by post following the meeting.