Here you can see a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not listed, please feel free to submit a question via our contact form or call us on: 01 8858901

When you retire from the Irish Prison Service you may remain a member of the credit union with the same rights and benefits as all other members, provided you agree to have all your deductions made through the pension payroll. You will retain your existing account number.

Members deductions will be made fortnightly from pension payroll and forwarded to the credit union on a monthly basis. Any amendments to pension deductions must be submitted in writing to the credit union. Please note that ALL pension deductions are sent to the credit union monthly.

If you are taking unpaid leave we will not be getting your regular payroll deduction. In order to maintain your account and keep it up to date you may make lodgements to your account by via our website www.priscu.ie using our "make a payment" option found on the left hand side menu once you have logged into your account. This is the most easiest and convenient way to make a lodgement to your account, alternatively, you can send us a cheque, draft or postal order to our FREEPOST address.

Please note that failure to keep up to date with your loan repayments will result in your account going into arrears and this will negatively impact your credit rating on the Central Credit Register (CCR).

Once you have signed up initially you can change the amount of your fortnightly deduction simply by emailing your change to info@priscu.ie, please tell us if it is for savings, loan or budget account.

The payroll amendment file is normally transmitted to Killarney on the Monday morning of the week before the pay day. Please note that salary deduction changes CANNOT be taken over the phone.

You can make a lodgement to your credit union account using the following methods:-

Option 1

Online Lodgement - Login to your credit union account in the normal way. In the banking area choose "make a payment" option on the left hand side menu. All debit/credit card payments are on a fully secured website via Realex and payments will reach your account (during business hours) that day.

Option 2

Direct Lodgement Using Your Unique IBAN - You can lodge directly to you credit union account using the following details:-

  • IBAN: Available on the top of your credit union statement or when you log into your account via the mobile app. This IBAN is unique to you.

In the reference section , please ensure you enter your where you wish your lodgement to go e.g. shares, loan, cucash, budget etc.

Option 3

Cheque/Draft or Postal Order - Post to our freepost address below:-

Prison Service Credit Union Ltd, PO Box 11666, FREEPOST F5145, Dublin 7

What is an e-statement?

An e-statement is an electronic version of your bank statement. It is formatted as a traditional bank statement, but is available as a portable document format file (PDF) via our web site.

Why e-statements are good for you?

E-statements more secure than receiving a statement via traditional mail. The statement is stored on our secure servers and is only accessible via online banking. We will alert you via email when your statement is ready to view. Your statements are available as soon as they are generated instead of needing to wait for mail delivery.

How do I Opt-In for e-statements?

You can Opt-In for e-statements from the Online Banking module within your members area. Once you are in Online Banking, click in Subscription Services, select Yes, I wish to opt-in for Electronic Statements and click the Submit button.

How do I save my e-statement for future reference?

Since the e-statement is provided to you as portable document format (PDF) file, you can use your PDF viewer software to save a copy of the statement to your local computer. You can then back it up electronically for archival purposes. You can also print the statement on your local computer and archive the paper copy of you wish. As with all online banking and personal information, you should ensure your computer is secured.

Will I be able to print my e-statement?

Yes. The e-statement is delivered to you as a PDF file which you can print on your local printer.

Will I need any special software to view my e-statement?

You will need a PDF viewer program. You probably already have one installed. The most commonly used program is Adobe Acrobat reader. This are available to download for free from their makers' respective sites.

What is Adobe Acrobat Reader, and why do I need it?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one example of a PDF reader program. In order to view your e-statements you will need this or another PDF reader program installed on your computer. These programs are generally available for free download via the web.

How can I get Adobe Acrobat Reader?

You can download Adobe Acrobat reader from the Adobe web site.

Can I receive paper statements?

If you want a paper statement, simply contact the office and we can have one posted to you.

On occasion the Credit Union may request proof of your spouse/partners salary for the purposes of proving your ability to repay a loan application you may have pending. It is important to note that this information is required solely for the purpose of proving your ability to repay the loan, as your assessment is based on your household i.e. marital status, number of dependent children etc. The consent form does not contract you or attach any personal liability to you regarding repayments to the loan.

Download Spouse/Partner Information Consent Form

Year Term Deposit Account - Interest Rate of 5%

Prison Service Credit Union are delighted to offer members a 3 year term deposit account. This account will give members 5% (AER 1.66%)interest, payable at maturity. This is a limited time offer only and allocation will be on a first come first served basis.

Download an application today and return it to:

Prison Service Credit Union Ltd
PO Box 11666
Dublin 7

Download 3 Year Term Deposit Account

If you are unhappy with our service or any other aspect of our business, please let us know. All complaints and grivences should be made to complaints@priscu.ie

What is DocuSign

DocuSign is a handy tool that enables you to sign any Credit Union related documents and return them to us after a few simple clicks. DocuSign has 200 million users and processes over 1 million documents daily, according to the official website. Its main purpose is to provide a way for you to complete forms and sign important documents, such as those related to your Credit Union account, in a quick and productive manner.

How it Works

Let’s say you have applied for a loan online with us and it has been approved. Internally, we will enable a process so you can complete your online loan application and credit agreement. We will notify you once your loan has been approved and inform you that you are required to log into the members’ area of our website to fill out and sign the appropriate documentation. If you are signed up for online access you will be required to undertake the following steps:

  • Log into your online account
  • Click on the Member Document section, which is located on the menu to the left
  • Fill out and sign the document fully

There may be a number of ‘sign here’ symbols throughout the document, which indicate where you need to sign. Once you have completed all of the required fields, including your signature, you should click on the ‘finish’ symbol.

Sign Your Credit Union Documents from Anywhere

One of the great advantages of gaining online access is that all of your important Credit Union documentation is easily accessible from anywhere. All you’ll need is to be signed up for online access (which you can do here) and have a reliable internet connection to be on your way. Your documents will be available on both desktop and mobile device within our online banking section of our website, which is accessible through the members’ area. This method gives you ultimate flexibility in terms of when and how to view your documents.

Why Are We Doing This

Here at Prison Service Credit Union, we are constantly evolving and trying to keep up with the latest advances in technology. That’s why we have decided to introduce this new feature. DocuSign is an excellent tool allowing you as a member to sign documents in a safe and efficient manner. Basically, it means fewer headaches for you as a member and ensures the transaction of important documents can be completed without little disturbance to your day. If you have any questions, you can, of course, give us a call and we would be happy to help.

Loan Applications Made Easy

Similar to DocuSign, we offer a simple and convenient way for you to obtain and complete important documentation, such as loan applications. Loan application forms can be downloaded by clicking here. Apply for a loan today.